Cooperation Agreement of Regional Youth Alliance USAID – SICA and CASART

According to the Regional Youth Alliance USAID –SICA, "insecurity in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, remains one of the most felt by the society and the governments. In all three countries, the year 2009 there were 15.555 homicides and, so far this century, the impressive figure of 116.935 persons, ie, a rate of 59.36 homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants. In addition to the crime against life, other crimes such as robbery, extortion, kidnapping and drug traffic also undermine peaceful coexistence and development of citizens." The quote continues "While there have been efforts to counter violence, governments themselves as some sectors recognize the need for increased security measures and to develop and / or strengthen preventive intervention models of youth violence.

Regional Youth Alliance USAID-SICA involved in El Salvador, in the municipalities of Santa Ana, Chalchuapa and Congo, strengthening the development and implementation of violence prevention initiatives, municipal and community level, through the development and strengthening of Municipal Committees for the Prevention of Violence (CMPV), and, with the involvement of partner agencies that develop vocational courses for young people living in 18 communities of these municipalities.

CASART, is one of those members, who developed in those municipalities 20 of 10 vocational courses crafts such as carpentry, piñatería, leather, metal structures, shoemaking, spinning, wood decorated pottery, stained with indigo seed jewelry, as well as, with the content on the preparation of juice, with which it served an average of 358 young, being 39% men and 61% female, as beneficiaries, may choose the same development of entrepreneurship by creating their own craft workshops or access to a job that provides services in the crafts learned. This process will be supported by the Regional Youth Alliance USAID-SICA, in partnership with ONG's and private.


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